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I can teach you the Four Simple Principles Behind an Effective Hiring Process (And How to Measure Them)

Hiring amazing employees is hard. Discover tactics that reduce candidate withdrawal rates, false negatives, and false positives, the common practices that work against diversity and the tradeoffs between time, money, and the effort invested into recruiting.

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Get high level strategies and day-to-day tactics that help you hire better engineers and employees in less time.

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Turbocharge your hiring outcomes with onsite, hands-on training for your recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers.

Your business needs great employees to succeed. I offer on-site training and followup engagements for Q&A, assessment and feedback. Your entire team will get up to speed on what it takes to hire the best employees in today's job market.

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Five Star Hiring: Recruiting and Hiring Amazing Engineering Talent & Other Hard to Fill Roles

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Are you trying to hire better employees faster? Contact me to see if a consulting arrangement make sense.

A consulting engagement is one of the fastest ways to turbocharge your hiring. Consulting is a customized targeted approach to improving your recruiting outcomes. Process and interview audits, customized training, applicant tracker audit and configuration, general consultation and guidance are among the many services offered. Stratgies and tactics specificially designed for your company will result in better close rates, less false positives and a more efficient use of interview and candidate time.

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Here’s what people are saying...

“Matt’s knowledge and expertise in the field of recruiting is truly impressive. His early work in designing our process and teaching all of us what an effective hiring pipeline looks and acts like was an integral part in bringing on amazing employees that have made Armory successful.”

Daniel Odio

CEO & Co-founder of

“We engaged Matt to provide a recruiting and organizational framework for our fast moving health tech start-up. Matt was able to build the trust of the team fast through his thoughtfulness, character, and experience. It was impressive and led to effectively building the foundation to help us grow. Matt's one of a kind, and we would hire him full-time in a heartbeat if he would let us!”

Jake Frenz

Founder & CEO of SmithRx