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Welcome to Five Star Hiring

by Matt Nunogawa


My name is Matt Nunogawa and I help companies recruit (with a particular focus on recruiting developers).

Five Star Hiring is a place where I write about hiring strategies and tactics. It’s a place you can get a hold of me if I can help you & your company become exceptionally good at hiring people.

I’ve been coding for well over three decades and have built out many engineering teams at startups in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past few years. I love talking about this stuff.

Feel free to reach out. You can use the Let’s Talk link or hit me up on twitter at @amattn. If you prefer email, feel free to reach out to letstalk@ this domain. Consider this a standing invitation.

In the meantime, If you sign up for the book, I’ll send you helpful tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies around recruiting and hiring. Only good stuff and I’ll try to minimize the hard sell until the book comes out.

Thank you and enjoy!